Paul and Karrie Levanen

Kalispell, MT

Little Jennessa, gal so fair, Born so cute with golden hair, Diagnosed soon with bones of glass, My dear ones, so is your lass. Bones are broken in the womb, Bones are broken, oh so soon, She's delicate to say the least, Yet all complaints from parents cease. To kick a balloon will break a leg, Be careful when you dress her, For an arm you move a little too far, Can send her to the doctor. In this past year, it's surgeries To replace rods that bend, Then to top it off for them, Papa's cancer diagnosed in the end. Surgery he must bare, Far away from home, Thinking of his fragile lass, His thoughts there do roam. Please consider them for this, They surely could win-win, To get a little vacation, At an AMERICINN! Love to you all, Brother!

Nominated By: Mary Ovist