Sarah Brown

Tetonia, ID

Sarah is a stay at home mom with 5 children. 6 and under with one on the way. She somehow manages to keep our home tidy and functioning. She also has a 1/4 acre garden that she takes care of and let's other people use the produce for free. She spends her time giving everything she can to everyone around her. She has prepared meals and decorations for three different wedding receptions this summer free of charge just 'cause she loves to cook and decorate. Sarah would really appreciate having money for vacation time. She runs a tight budget with everything she does and would rather spend her money taking care of the family and helping others. I think the most important reason she deserves this vacation is that she would deeply appreciate it. For giving her the chance to unwind and slow down for a little bit, especially with the new one on the way.

Nominated By: Ben Brown