Lisa Ferra

Milwaukee, WI

I'm nominating my daughter because for 10 years she's worked hard raising twins alone, one has severe health issues. She never complains she just does what she has to. She is kind hearted and always willing to help out. Not only does she take care of her children, I have been ill for the last year or more and she also helps to take care of me. In April she had to have knee replacement surgery, she's so young to have this type of surgery and in June she had knee replacement on the other knee never complaining of any of this. I was unable to help her because of my illness. As a result she lost her job. My daughter keeps going trying to please people around her. This month she took me to the AmericInn in Grand Rapids to see family I haven't seen in ten years. She never asked me for a penny towards the trip, she only wanted me and her kids to enjoy ourselves. She loved your hotel so much she wants to return every year. I think she deserves to win.

Nominated By: Sandra Ferra