Roberta Williams

Springfield, MO

My mom deserves this because she helps so many people and does not ask for anything in return. She watches a friends 4 foster children while they work and takes them everywhere they need to go. She does not get paid for this. She was in the hospital 4 times last year and keeps on going. Her 88 year old dad was in the hospital a few times last year and this year and she was right by his side. She deserves a vacation very bad. She is such a giving and helping person whom will not take or ask for anything. She would take anyone anywhere they need to go, at anytime, day or night. I love my mom and she has always been a fantastic person. Please give my mom the vacation she deserves. Right now she gets up at 5:30 everyday, takes two granddaughters to school so their mom can work. Then she takes 4 foster kids to school and then pick them all up and watches them all after school till around 6pm. Thank you for this opportunity to give her what she deserves.

Nominated By: Robert Williams