Greg Morford

Bismarck, ND

My husband is currently on a one year deployment with the ND Army National Guard overseas. Due to return by Halloween. This is his 3rd deployment in 9 years. During this time he has been keeping the spirits up at the site by organizing water balloon tournaments, playing softball, volleyball, making over 200 waffles every Sunday to benefit the local children scholarships, finding places the soldiers can visit, etc. He also keeps in real good contact with family and friends back home through letters/cards on birthdays/anniversaries and emails to me. Another thing he does is make a pie each weekend for the unit BBQ. He did not take time away during the deployment to do any touring there, nor did he return home during this time. When I go to his full-time place of employment (part-time guard when not deployed) they comment on how much they miss him, things aren't getting done like they should, not clean, organized, etc. Please consider my husband for this vacation. He/we deserve it.

Nominated By: Mary Ann Morford