Sharon Briggs

Sand Lake, MI

My friend Sharon has a mentally challenged son and she takes care of him. She has not had a vacation in years. Recently she came to sit at my house to keep my dog and she considered THAT a vacation. She is very poor but accepts no welfare just lives on her and her sons S.S. It would be awesome for her and her son to be able to go on a real vacation and be able to stay in AmericInn, which by the way is an awesome place to stay. My friend is also a 7 year survivor of a lung transplant and 5 year survivor of lung cancer in her NEW lung. She helps anyone that needs help and is a very good person. After 20+ years of marriage she found out her scoundrel husband was having an affair, so she was left to raise her son alone and work to support the two of them. PLEASE pick her because I know she would be a very thankful person if she won.

Nominated By: Marilyn Dehos