Pamela Macina

Wisconsin Dells, WI

My Mother in law is the most kind, thoughtful, helpful, sweet and caring person I've ever met. In the last few years she has suffered many physical hardships. She was out of work for a period of over two years due to a work related injury. After 2 surgeries and much recovery time she is back up and running. She also has beat the battle of alcoholism, and she's dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle. She has lost over 45 pounds. She has done all of this with out any complaints. Even when she was suffering the most she still had a smile on her face and would help anyone in any way she could. She never does anything for herself. Her and my father in law have been married over 25 years and never got a honeymoon. They never get away for that matter. It would be so amazing for them to get away together for a couple of days and just relax and enjoy time away from their busy lives.

Nominated By: Jolise Macina