Joseph Kosek

Manitowoc, WI

I would like to nominate my husband of 44 years for your Random Acts of Vacation. He has handled family adversity over the last 3 years in spite of what sometimes seemed insurmountable odds. In August 2011, his brother was in a serious motorcycle accident. One week later his father was hospitalized with cellulitis. Following a heart attack, his Dad passed away in December of 2011. Then in February of 2012, Joe's mother fell on the ice in her driveway. Due to the fall, he had to place her in an independent living facility. Next he cleaned 65 years of clutter out of her home and then sold the dwelling. He now continues to handle all of his mother's issues from his own home 3 hours away! During the past 3 years his patience, perseverance, and unchanging love for his family have never wavered. No matter what ill fate came to them he was always there to support them, sometimes to the detriment of his own well being. Joe needs a vacation!

Nominated By: Jan Kosek