Diana Cassidy

Iron Mountain, MI

I am nominating my wife Diana; a great mother and Army Spouse for a vacation. I've served in the Active Army for over 20 years and many people will randomly thank me for my service. The one who truly should be thanked is Diana. She has been the backbone of our wonderful family throughout my entire career. Without complaint, during every change of duty station she provides our three children the wisdom and strength that only a great mother can provide to help them adjust to their new surroundings. She always ensures that our children are achieving great grades in school and carts them to the endless extra-circular activities in which they participate. Most people think that I have the tough job, but they are mistaken. My wife, Diana, has the toughest job in the world and in my opinion does it better than anyone else. This is why I feel that she deserves a vacation.

Nominated By: Scott Cassidy